Stadiums Access Management

In cooperation with specialized technology providers, ONTECH offers a fully comprehensive system for stadium accessing and ticketing management which consists of barcode tickets and RFID cards, including crowd monitoring and counting, plus all the elements a stadium or sporting complex might need.

Mobile e-Pass Systems

Your Pass (e-Pass), everyone needs passes to get through, whether they are an event invitation, a membership card or an train ticket, we replace paper tickets, sms, emails, cards by a digital pass on your mobile phone.

RFID Tracking Systems

ONTECH brings to the market the most advanced solutions of RFID tracking. Being used today in several industries to track the location of an object or a person, RFID enables the chip to transmit the identification information to a reader, which converts the radio waves reflected from the RFID tag into digital information that can then be passed on to computers that makes use of within a set of data.

Special Event ID Management System

Regardless of the size or nature of your event, ONTECH will team with you to develop a comprehensive approach and provide the project management, card design and production, data capturing, personalization and supplies necessary for a successful management of the event accessing and identification of its participants, attendees and visitors.

Parking Management System

We work hand-to-hand with our vendors to deliver intelligent parking management systems which includes smart parking integration, violation processing, meter operations, complete payment process, guarding and managing of the parking lot by video and image treatment. Through integrating the different aspects of technologies with our know-how, we help you gain powerful results for your business.

Time Attendance

For small companies with limited staff number or big organization with multiple locations, ONTECH offers state-of-the-art solutions for time attendance compatible with any industry standard, smartcard or biometric terminals. With greater flexibility over organization’s hierarchical reporting structure, it protects sensitive employee information with comprehensive security layers and limits supervisors or managers with only their relevant information.

Queuing Systems

Through partnering with the global industry leaders, ONTECH offers the most comprehensive range of Queue Management Systems and solutions available in the market today. We help customer-service orientated organizations to solve the problem of lengthy queues and unpredictable waiting time causing stress among both customers and agents, which result in efficiency decline.

Medical Record/Exams Systems

For health care institutes, hospitals and laboratories, ONTECH developed an end-to-end solution with fully integrated hardware and software components work seamlessly to manage medical exams and records required by different applications such as visas issuance, work permits, insurance, etc.